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Not a Buddhist, per se, I came to the Crestone Mountain Zen Center for the Zazen sessions, hoping to improve my own practice of meditation.  The sessions were perfect, formal and disciplined, but not too demanding, just right for novices.  But I was even more impressed by the kindness and hospitality shown by everyone and by being so graciously waited upon and attended to. The food was great. The accommodations were comfortable and thoughtfully appointed. I would recommend CMZC just as a great resort, very tranquil and contemplative, and economical. 

Errol, October 2016

I returned to the Zen Center for the second time and it was every bit as amazing an experience as I remembered!  The food, as so many have mentioned, is absolutely delicious.  The staff were friendly and accommodating, and the Zendo is magical. In short, you couldn’t find a more perfect spot for contemplation, meditation, or just hanging out in Crestone.  Can’t wait to return!  

Jonathan, August 2016

My yurt stay exceeded expectations.  Super clean and quiet.  The staff was so welcoming;  very warm energy, and the food was amazing.  Crestone Mountain Zen Center offered a lovely retreat space.  I hope to return again in the future.  

Wendy, August 2016

Crestone is a magical place.  I went there expecting to enjoy the natural beauty of the Colorado mountains and deepen my meditation practice while doing a little hiking to recover from a serious back injury.  Crestone exceeded every one of my expectations.  I highly recommend the Zen Center if you are looking for a either a deep spiritual experience or phenomenal physical workouts.  

Maria, November 2015

My recent retreat experience at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center was incredible. The warmth and hospitality of the staff were outstanding. The surroundings and the accommodations were wonderful. The food was superlative. I would recommend the Center whole-heartedly to anyone looking to enhance their retreat experience or to enrich their stay in Crestone.

Suzanne, October 2015

Your grounds are beautiful and the food all week was absolutely amazing (we thought we would miss meat but we still haven’t had any).

Addie and Derrick, September 2014

It was a total “WOW” experience with Crestone Mountain Zen Center. You know it when you are eating food prepared with loving kindness and care! Definitely will stay there again next time I go for a retreat in the area, if I book early enough.

Mu Chin, August 2014

Crestone is spectacular and the retreat center’s campus no less so.
 The place is rightly known for being “foodie”… they have staff that trace back to Greens Restaurant, Chez Panisse, Deborah Madison.

Brendan,  April 2014

Thanks for the ease of transfer from my busy life to the quiet simple existence the Center provides.
 I found the yurt to be just a perfect walk away to provide seclusion and renewal. The early morning meditation practice felt honest and inclusive. Thank you for creating a non-intimidating atmosphere for a beginner in world of retreats!

Alison, February 2014

I’ll be back not just for the delicious and healthy food, but also for Spanish Creek and the hummingbirds who bathe there about 7 am in August.
 I want to look west again, too, and watch the sunlight as it filters through the air onto the Crestone valley floor, then settles behind the San Juan Mountains forty miles away.

Laura, September 2013

I spent four magical days there in a perfect cabin situated close to the beautiful Zendo. The energy on campus felt still and timeless. The monks are friendly, down-to-earth, funny, enjoyable people and terrific cooks! A perfectly sublime place to simply “be.”

Margeaux, August 2013

I loved my stay at CMZC! It’s a great place to go for quiet time. I went on a individual retreat and was able to connect back into myself and my rhythms. The dome on the property is great for meditation or yoga. Hiking trails all around and a beautiful creek.
 For day trips, hot springs and sand dunes are a short drive away.

Diane, May 2013