Retreat Rental Rates

For current availability please see our Group Retreat Calendar.

CMZC group rates are based on a daily rate for food and lodging (see pricing chart below). In addition, there is a one-time facility fee of $1,500 for all group sizes.

pricing chart 15

The Facility Fee and 25% deposit are non-refundable.

Daily Rate Pricing Chart:

Fee Table 6


The total for a group of 25 persons for 6 nights is $12,750. This is $1,500 plus $11,250 (25 persons x 6 nights x $75). Your 25% deposit would be $2,812.50 (25% of the contract minimum of 20 persons).

Accommodations included: Hillside Cabin, Guest House, Skylight Room, Young Pine Hut Cabin, Yurt, Studio, and Camping.

Optional 3% Zero Carbon Fee
In looking for ways to finance and incrementally realize our Zero Carbon Campus Vision in the context of our wider ecological initiative, we add a 3% fee to all of our Zen and Guest rates. To opt out of this fee please inform the Guest Manager upon making your reservation. More information can be found here.

For more information please contact our office.