Retreat Rental Rates

For current availability please see our Group Retreat Calendar.

CMZC group rates are based on a daily rate for food and lodging (see pricing chart below). In addition, there is a one-time facility fee of $1,500 for all group sizes.

pricing chart 15

The Facility Fee and 25% deposit are non-refundable.

Daily Rate Pricing Chart:

Fee Table 6


The total for a group of 25 persons for 6 nights is $12,750. This is $1,500 plus $11,250 (25 persons x 6 nights x $75). Your 25% deposit would be $2,812.50 (25% of the contract minimum of 20 persons).

Accommodations included: Hillside Cabin, Guest House, Skylight Room, Young Pine Hut Cabin, Yurt, Studio, and Camping.

For more information please contact our office.