Whether you are planning a personal retreat in the wilderness, a silent meditation retreat, or a writer’s retreat, we offer a variety of accommodations. They vary in size, furnishings, amenities, and proximity to other buildings. All accommodations except the campground have high speed wireless internet. Campers have access to the internet in the Main House.

All accommodations include three vegetarian meals per day.

Retreat Cabins

Hillside Cabin – This is our most private cabin – recently remodeled! It has a queen bed, full bathroom, desk, and kitchenette complete with refrigerator.

Young Pine Hut – A cozy, rustic two-story log cabin complete with a sitting area and tea station.

Guest House
Our Guest House is a spacious building with a quiet atmosphere in the center of the campus. It includes five private rooms. These rooms are the largest accommodations we offer. Each room has a downstairs area with a single bed and desk and an upstairs loft with a double bed. All rooms have a sink, a little area to prepare tea, and wireless internet.

Skylight Room
The Skylight Room is a simple yet spacious room in the center of campus. The room features a large shoji screen skylight, queen bed, desk, closet and tea station.

Corner Room
The Corner Room is a small, private room located in the center of campus featuring a twin bed, desk, closet and area to make tea.

Studio Rooms
The Studio was recently remodeled and now has three small, private rooms. Each room has a twin bed, desk, wardrobe and tea station. Beautiful views of the nearby 14ers from the windows and porch of the Studio.

Secluded Yurt on the outskirts of campus, can accommodate one or two people. Shared bathrooms in the Guest House (3 minute walk).

Platform Tent
A large wall tent on the outskirts of campus, can accommodate one or two people.  Shared bathrooms in the Guest House (3 minute walk).

For those who are on a budget, we have a campground on the outskirts of the campus. Campers have access to the Guest House bathrooms (3 minute walk).